SW-7 (19)
Locomotives & Rolling Stock - SW-7
This was my first locmotive, I had purchased from Rail System in 2001 or 2002. It has a 5.5 hp gas engine and ran very good. I had painted it for CNW but never got around to apply any decals. I sold it in 2008.


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Locomotives & Rolling Stock - Rock Island GP-35
These photos show the progression from what I purchased through the details I added to a Rail Systems GP-35. This is an electric (battery powered) locomotive with a sound system. I purchased it late summer of 2009 and over the winter detailed it and painted it based on the actual Rock Island #323. It was the only GP-35 that was painted and lettered with the speed lettering. There are also some closeup photos of different components of the locomotive that someone might fine useful when building a locomotive.


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LE Pacific (91)
Locomotives & Rolling Stock - LE Pacific
I purchased this Little Engines 4-6-2 Pacific from Joe Scales out east. After driving out to Virginia to pick it up, not being able to run it there, I took the first opportunity to go over the EJ&K in Boone to steam it up. It ran grea and steamed well which was a relief that my purchase was worth it! It is a coal burner and a really good puller, I think the most cars I pulled was 24. I removed the Virginian decals and replaced them with my railroad logo "Turkey Ridge Central Railway". After a many years of running it I sold it to Bob Bourne of the EJ&K. Bob ran it fro a few years before selling it to someone in California to make room for a Hudson.


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